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What a crazy week it's been! I have so much going on right now. I'm being pulled in ten different directions and I have no idea where to start. Right now my focus is finishing plans for my sister's Bridal Shower. It has been very stressful lately and I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I keep taking notes and making plans and depositing them everywhere. I decided it's high time I buy a day planner before I am buried in post-it notes. It's going to be big, 100 people were sent invitations and I'm an inexperienced party planner...any advice for the stress bucket? (I promise to post pictures of the event once I finish everything.)
Here's a breakdown of last week:
* Last Wednesday our good friends came up from Las Vegas to stay with us for our mutual friends' wedding. I had spent the previous 3 days working 10 hour shifts and I was exhausted. We were excited to have them so we stayed up way to late talking. I woke up too early Thursday and went to work my last four hours of a very long work week. After my shift we went to the Salt Lake Temple to be there after the wedding. They came out looking ecstatic and gorgeous and it was a whirlwind of congrats and pictures. The heat got to us after a while so we left and ran errands. Their luncheon was later that afternoon and we were running late. Then we got stuck in traffic on the way there and ended up being an hour late. We were so embarrassed our stomachs were churning as we walked in the doors. We were welcomed promptly and the churning stopped. It ended up being a fun, but very long day.
* Friday we took the day off to spend time with our friends. We were all tired and lazy from the previous day- not to mention the fact that our men went golfing at the crack of dawn and were exhausted the rest of the day. Since we couldn't get them up and moving us wives decided to get ready for the day. (We had been waiting because we were SUPPOSED to go swimming. Oh well.) We had planned to go out for sushi but, when we got to the restaurant, the baby wasn't having a good night so we left. The boys had pizza at home with baby and the girls went out to O1ive Garden for a night away.
* Saturday I returned a surprise phone call from my best friend, love squalor, saying she was in town!!! We made the short trip down to Orem and crashed her family reunion. We had a couple hours of catching up and had to be on our way back home for dinner with a group of friends. It was so great to see her and precious Esme. I hope I get to see them again when I'm in New Mexico next week for the shower.
* Sunday was a hard day. I have a sister, Shaina Rose, who died on July 1st, 1994 three hours after coming into this world. She was born with a condition called Trisomy 18, which basically means she was missing her 18th chromosome. Without it she was premature, her hands and feet curled in, and her diaphragm never developed. With no diaphragm her right lung never developed and she couldn't breathe. I was 11 years old when she came in and out of our lives. Thirteen years later I carry on a tradition my family started of writing her a message on a balloon and releasing it into the sky. Love has been kind and supportive of this every year. For some reason, her birthday hit me hard this year. I am not certain why, maybe because I so desperately want a baby of my own and, for a second, the thought of the loss my Mother must have felt that day hit me. Our lesson at church was focused on loss...not just loss of a loved one, but loss of anything. I believe all couples desperate for a baby know the feeling of loss you experience every month you don't conceive. I felt that loss very strongly on Sunday. After church we went to my sister-in-law's house for family dinner. I have mentioned my other sister-in-law before. She and I have been trying for almost the same amount of time. Her doctor put her on Clom1d and she announced her pregnancy on Sunday afternoon. As happy as I was for them and for the hope it brought me that it might actually happen for me, I was already very emotional and tried very hard not to burst into tears. After much hemming and hawing- because I was trying to hide my glassy eyes and red face- I finally went up and gave her a hug and told her how happy I was for her. The tears flowed promptly and she- being the wonderful sister she is and having experienced the same feelings I had- cried too. We stood there and held each other for a while. She admitted to being worried about telling me. I hope she truly does understand that I am ecstatic for them...just a little sad for me.
*Monday and Tuesday flew by, I worked and hung out with friends. Tuesday night we went to the annual family barbecue and watched a decent fireworks show. Wednesday it was time for our friends to leave. They packed up their car, we hugged them goodbye and walked back into our empty house. It was sad to see them leave. We really enjoyed having them here so long and remembered how much we miss them living here. I will admit that it was nice to get back to my routine...we all know I am structure and routine oriented...
*Thursday felt like another Monday. Having a holiday in the middle of the week really threw me off! After a long day at work I went to Love's softball game. After the game we invited ourselves over to the newlywed's house to see their place and hang out for a bit. They ended up making us the best spaghetti we've ever had and we left too late for me to write last night.
So that's it. After looking it over, I'm afraid I might have bored you all to death. Sorry. At least you're updated now...

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