This is going to be short because I'm blogging from my phone as we drive through Colorado's portion of the Rocky Mountains.

We just spent the last week in Iowa visiting Matt's brother and his family. I was just sitting here reflecting on our trip and feeling so relaxed.

Often, when we go on vacation, we get home feeling like we need another vacation. While the drive has been long, two days there and now two days back, it has been the most fun and relaxing vacation we have taken in a while.

We spent the first few days at their house, hanging out, talking, going to dinner, playing with the kids, and trying to keep cool (I had forgotten what humidity was like). Then on Tuesday evening we headed out to their lake house.

While there we had limited cell reception, no Internet access and we were surrounded by trees and a beautiful lake. We spent hours in the water swimming and boating. Matt and Zoe did some fishing. The girls weren't too keen on swimming but they played for hours on the beach.

There were limited things to do and it was so nice. No rushed, fast-paced living, just the quiet, calm of life on he lake away from the rest of the world.

It was healing for my soul. I feel relaxed and recharged. The best part is that I got to know that part of our family better. If you guys are reading this, thank you for everything. We love you!

Even now, on the long drive, I am relaxed as I have spent the hours with my nose in a book or taking in our beautiful surroundings.

A few more hours and we'll be back to normal life. Guess I'd better enjoy it while I can!