Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

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Today's Prompt: Unexpected


Life has returned to what will be the new normal for me as a single Mother.  I find happiness in my children, my friends and my small accomplishments.  Yet, my heart still aches from the pain of an unexpected divorce and the love I still carry for the man that was supposed to be mine forever. 

I find myself pondering over the last time I saw him, a few days ago, when things seemed strangely normal.  We were able to talk without that edge of hostility.  Talk a lot.  And laugh.  All foreign things since everything started.

We have been talking since.  Not just about the girls, but about likes and dislikes, music, every day things. It is friendly, and I don't quite know what to make of it.  I don't take time to question it too much.  It is nice to be friends for once.

I go about my day working, playing with the girls, meals, clean-up, the normal routine.  All the while carrying on a great conversation with him over text.  Until I get an unexpected message:

Do you think you could meet me to talk? 

My heart pounds loudly in my ears as I search it for an answer.  What could he want to talk about?  He doesn't want to do it over text.  It is obviously important to need to meet in person.  A million thoughts rush through my head, I lay them all aside immediately and text back the first thought that had entered my mind:


Little did I know, that would be the first step to our second beginning.  I am so grateful I said, "Yes."


What has come from the unexpected moments in your life?

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