38 Weeks 6 Days

Just a quick update. No baby yet (obviously) but we went to the doctor today and I am now dilated 3.75 cm and 50-75% effaced. We're hoping for delivery soon but if not we're definitely on for Monday. Thanks for sticking around and checking on us. The support from everyone has been wonderful! We'll keep you posted!

T-minus 6 days and counting

Hopefully less. I should have mentioned this earlier, but I didn't go to the hospital to find out it was false labor, I just had terrible contractions for two hours that were ten minutes apart in the middle of the night. When it came time to get up I did. By the time I ate breakfast, the cycle had stopped, darn it. I'm sure you're all sick of hearing me complain that she hasn't come yet. I'm sure there's something else I could write about. Unfortunately, right now, I have a one track mind...and that mind is set on when this baby is going to grace us with her presence.
I walked for a good hour and a half yesterday...to the point that my body is very sore today. I walked down a long path by the river with Love, my Mom, and my little brother constantly swatting at the swarm of mosquitoes and gnats. I walked and walked through the pain in my lower back and the contractions that happened every so often. Feeling invaded by bugs by the time I got home, I showered and even took time to blow dry my hair...hoping that all that walking and bug swatting had gotten us somewhere. As you can tell, it was all for nothing as I am here at work...procrastinating as I write this post. I really appreciate all your supportive comments...I will rest...and I will hang in there...and I will continue to hope each and every day that she will come. The good news is, if I don't have her before then, I am scheduled to be induced on Monday, June 30th. So, if all else fails, she'll be here in less than a week. Whew!!!

38 Weeks

I'm still here and Zoe is still in the belly. My fingers are crossed for this weekend. Thanks everyone for all your comments. You guys rock!

Get ready, get set!!

WAIT. I went to the doctor today and I'm dilated to 3.25 cm. So we're just waiting. Waiting and waiting and hoping that something happens soon. My bones feel like they are going to crack in half...it's really not too fun. I called my Mom and she is on her way. I'm just trying to tie up loose ends at work and make sure that I'm prepared to go on leave for two months. I find it hard to plan for the unexpected though. I've installed the car seat, my hospital bag is in the trunk, my house is mostly clean...we're ready...just waiting. Fortunately, if nothing does happen on it's own, my doctor is scheduling us for an induction in my 39th week...so at least I know I won't go past my due date. I also asked him to take an educated guess at how big Zoe is. After an examination, he thinks she's roughly 7.5 lbs. I hope she comes soon! I'll keep you posted.
Last night we lazed around and watched America's Got Talent. Zoe has turned both Love and I into a couple of cry babies. If you watched, you'll remember a four-year-old girl named Kaitlyn Maher who sang "Somewhere Out There" exceptionally well for such a young girl...Love and I were in tears. Then, towards the end of the show, an insurance salesman by the name of Neil Boyd was on the stage and we heard the story about his childhood- growing up poor, with a mother who worked all the time, and how proud she is of him. He could hardly control his emotions as he was asked questions about his life and his family. We couldn't control ours as he sang "Nessun Dorma" (opera) in the most surprising, emotion filled, and amazing voice I've ever heard. All I can say is wow. I think we're hooked on the show now...

36 Weeks

I am 36 weeks exactly today...or nine months...however you want to look at it. Matt and I are getting excited. Especially since my Doctor said I was dilated to roughly 2.25 cm at our appointment yesterday...after not being dilated at all last week. Don't get me wrong, I know you can be dilated to a 2 for quite a while, but I'm just glad that things are progressing. Zoe just keeps growing and is pretty much out of room. Strangely, I lost a pound in the last week. I didn't expect that to happen. Anyway, all's well on the baby front. I will try to post a picture later this evening. Happy Friday!

Not So Little Piggies....

This little piggy is purple
This little piggy is blue
This little piggy is sad
Because it can't fit in my shoe
And this little piggy went wee wee wee...until it got stuck in my marshmellow feet.
Oh, and my wedding ring doesn't fit anymore.