26 Weeks

This week has brought on a lot more heartburn and swollen ankles. I find myself spending more and more time with my feet up to keep my legs from retaining water. I've tried to drink more water and my Mom told me to cut down on the salt...any other ideas?
Other than that, things are progressing fine. Zöe is getting big- just over a foot long and nearly 2 pounds. I am tickled by the fact that I can see her movements from the outside very clearly. I've started to play a game with her in the mornings where I'll poke a spot on the belly and she bumps me there...then I'll follow the arm/leg/knee/elbow across my stomach. I am in love with this child and the feeling of life and movement inside of me. It is indescribable.
My Mom was in town for part of the week and it was so nice to have her here. She brought me baby clothes and all the nursery furniture...along with purchasing numerous things while here for her first Grandchild. She spoiled Love, Zöe, and I quite a bit while she was here and we are very grateful. I miss having my Mom around and wish she could daily witness the little miracles of this pregnancy. She left early this morning and I will miss having her, and my little brother, around. I'm so glad she got to see me at this stage of pregnancy and will again in a month when I head to New Mexico for my family baby shower.
Speaking of showers, I had my first on Tuesday night with Love's family. We played a couple games and mostly sat and talked, and then I opened gifts. It was really fun! We got lots of adorable and also extremely needed things for Zöe from the shower. I'm constantly amazed at how giving people are with the anticipation of this new little person growing inside of me. Receiving all those tiny and practical baby things made me antsy for her arrival. I can't wait! My sisters-in-law did an awesome job throwing the shower and I'm so very grateful!
It has been a busy week. Not only did I have my shower, family in town, and some physical ailments, Love's Grandfather passed away on Friday and we had his funeral on Wednesday. I didn't personally know the man very well, but Love took it rather hard. We spent the week mourning the loss of a great man and spending time with loved ones. The funeral was beautiful, there was an amazing spirit there and lots of people came to pay their respects. We're blessed to know that he is now in a better place, no longer suffering the sickness of his body. We love you Grandpa!

25 Weeks

Late posting again! I know. Life is getting busier as I brace myself for the projects I "HAVE" to complete before the baby comes. I have her room all cleaned out, shampooed and even have her bedding ordered. I'm so excited...but also a little worried that we won't be prepared...that I won't get everything done...that we won't have everything we need. A lot of it is, it's starting to get hard to do anything for any length of time. I tire easily and the belly makes it hard to maneuver or get down on the floor and scrub, etc. Problem is, I have this aching need to make my house spotless and organized before I bring her into the world...and I know I'm running out of time before I go to squat down on the floor to do something and end up screaming a common Urkel phrase. And now I'm done complaining.
Mom and baby are doing fine. I'm starting to see her movements from the outside, which is exciting, but also indicative of just how little room she has in there. It's all a little strange, yet amazing at the same time...to the point that I think I'll miss being pregnant when she comes...but then I'll have new things to make me smile.
Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on my last post. You made my day! :)

24 Weeks

and a half. Or 6 months...however you want to look at it. Here are a couple pictures I had Love take...to appease a few requesters. Not sure why they're so blurry...



Pre-Pillow talk

As we were getting ready for bed:

Love (looking at his stomach): Is that a new mole?

Me: I don't know. I don't know where all your moles are...

Love: Well you should.

Me: Sorry, I haven't memorized the location of every mole on your body. Do you know where all my moles are?

Love: I've got you mapped out like Louis and Clark mapped out America.

23 Weeks

Sorry this is a day late! I had my 5th appointment yesterday- which I had to go to by myself because Matt set his alarm for PM instead of AM. Everything went really well. Dr. said everything looked good from the ultrasound last month and was glad that I was feeling better after my UTI diagnosis last week. He found Zoe's heartbeat very quickly and it was strong and quick, just as it should be. He also warned me that I'd have to take the glucose test next month- which I'm not excited about. Also, he asked me if I'd had any contractions. I know that it's possible to start feeling Braxton Hicks Contractions from now until the end of pregnancy...but I'm not sure I would know if I've felt them or not??? Overall it went well, except I discovered that I'm relatively quiet with doctors unless Matt is with me.

Zoe is doing great. She should weigh around 1 pound now and is about 20 centimeters long from her head to her bum. She kicks more and more...sometimes straight down- making me wonder if she's trying to break out of there early- which certainly doesn't feel nice.  Matt has never been able to feel her kick by resting his hand on the belly, but the last couple weeks- while he was trying to listen for her heartbeat- she kicked him in the head 3 times. We both found this extremely amusing. I'm just happy he was able to feel her...besides...every husband/ father needs a kick in the head once in a while right?

As for me, my belly has "popped" according to everyone. It was strange, one day I just noticed that it had just kind of jumped out. I have only gained 10 pounds so far, which pleases me, and I'm gaining the weight somewhat gracefully so far. I have really enjoyed pregnancy, it hasn't been to difficult for me at all. However, there are two things I want to ask the ladies out there who have been pregnant. First, what are some remedies that have worked for you for extremely dry skin associated with pregnancy and accelerated by winter cold? Second, have any of you experienced bruising and/ or tingling around your bra line? At first I thought I just needed a larger bra, so I went out and bought a couple, but it hasn't helped so far. I'm constantly uncomfortable because of the rubbing and the soreness. Has this happened to any of you? What did you do about it?