25 Weeks

Late posting again! I know. Life is getting busier as I brace myself for the projects I "HAVE" to complete before the baby comes. I have her room all cleaned out, shampooed and even have her bedding ordered. I'm so excited...but also a little worried that we won't be prepared...that I won't get everything done...that we won't have everything we need. A lot of it is, it's starting to get hard to do anything for any length of time. I tire easily and the belly makes it hard to maneuver or get down on the floor and scrub, etc. Problem is, I have this aching need to make my house spotless and organized before I bring her into the world...and I know I'm running out of time before I go to squat down on the floor to do something and end up screaming a common Urkel phrase. And now I'm done complaining.
Mom and baby are doing fine. I'm starting to see her movements from the outside, which is exciting, but also indicative of just how little room she has in there. It's all a little strange, yet amazing at the same time...to the point that I think I'll miss being pregnant when she comes...but then I'll have new things to make me smile.
Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on my last post. You made my day! :)

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