Paige One Month

Dear Paige,

It's hard to believe you turned a month old yesterday. Mommy forgot what life is like with a newborn. You have certainly made a whirlwind of our little family, and yet you're such a little blessing. Zoe adores you, and though she's poked and prodded you more than you might like, I know she just loves to be around you and to help me take care of you...even when she's acting a bit jealous. Mom and Dad are still trying to get used to sleeping less and still trying to figure out your cries, your likes and your dislikes...but we'll get there.



Your entrance into this world was peaceful. The hospital was quiet so early in the morning and besides the doctor and a couple nurses you were welcomed by just your Mom and Dad after only a few pushes. We instantly noticed your chubby cheeks and your very loud cry. After a couple days getting to know you in the hospital, we brought you home where we enjoyed tons of help from family for several weeks. You started out as a very sleepy baby. I didn't even get to see your eyes until the day we brought you home.



You've just begun to wake up more this last week. Unfortunately, more wake time has shown that you have some tummy troubles like your sister. Tomorrow we'll go to the doctor and hopefully find a way to help you with that so you, and Mom, can feel better. I have more to say to you, but you've just awakened to eat so I'd best be off. You are so sweet and snuggly and I'm so happy you are a part of my life forever.