Post Christmas Blues Cure

I finally took all my Christmas decorations down today.  It was especially hard for me to let go of Christmas this year.  I always get a little depressed after Christmas is over and want to hang onto it as long as I can.  Perhaps it was because I was so excited for this Christmas.  My girls were so much fun to watch as they anticipated the arrival of Santa.  Although, the "I wants" were numerous this year thanks to all the well placed toy advertisements.  Still, they managed to narrow things down to must-haves and we were able to get a couple of books to help them understand the reason we celebrate Christmas. 

They also were very sweet and giving.  I got the cutest homemade drawing from Zoe that Matt helped her wrap.  I love that it's the homemade things, the presents made and given with love that mean the most.  We were all spoiled this year.

When I'm feeling down, I find the best thing to do is count my blessings.  I am so grateful for all that I have.  Matt and I have good, stable jobs that allow us to live in a comfortable, warm home and provide for our family.  I am blessed to have a close relationship with my Heavenly Father.  We are blessed with two amazing girls who bring joy to our lives and teach us patience daily.  We are blessed with individual talents.  Matt and I have each other, and if you've been reading this blog long, you'll understand why that is such an important blessing.  We also have amazing family and friends who we literally wouldn't be able to survive without. 

I have plenty of goals for the year, plenty of things I want to learn and become, plenty that I want to have.  I will get to posting all those as soon as I can.  Tonight, I just wanted to take a minute to start the year taking notice of  all that I am blessed with.  It has made me feel a little less sad that my favorite time of year is gone for now.  Can't wait to see what the future holds!  Have a good night friends!


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