To my Zoe,

When you were just new I wrote you these letters far more often. As time has passed, life has become far more busy and The days fly by so quickly. It seems only moments ago that I held you for the first time. Now you are less than six months from being five! So, I wanted to take a little moment to document what you are like now, and tell you some things I think you need to know.

You are a sensitive soul. Tears flow freely from your eyes for many reasons. Sometimes it's a sad part in a movie, sometimes it's that you broke something you loved, and sometimes it's that you got in trouble. I sometimes get frustrated with this, but mostly I think it is one of your best qualities. You care, deeply. Not everyone is like that. It's part of what makes you so special. I love when you see that I am down, or frustrated, or even upset and you try to do something to make me feel better. I hope you are always so watchful of those around you.

My favorite thing about you at this age is that you are quite a performer! You amaze me with your ability to memorize lyrics and song tunes. You sing all the time. ALL the time. It is something you have done since before you could talk. You used to ride your tricycle around and around singing as loudly as you could. You still sing loud, without restraint, paying no mind to your surroundings. You love to dance and put on plays and performances for us. Also, a little bossy, you tell us we all have to clap for you when you're done.

You have the BEST giggle. I love to catch you by surprise or tickle you any chance I get just so I can hear your musical laugh. It's infectious. You love life. You love to be happy and playing. You LOVE every single ounce of time you get playing with me. I know we've been super busy lately, but even when we are, you are always willing to help out by cleaning your room, making your bed or helping me wipe the table to make sure our house stays clean so it doesn't get "full of junk and bugs" as you say. You always try to help out in a silky way or while being goofy to try and make it fun.

You are so full of energy it is sometimes hard to keep up with you. It's like you are about to burst at any given moment.  But chasing you around is my absolute pleasure.  I am so  proud and grateful to be your Mom. 

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