The Equipoise Family Grows!!


Paige was born at 2:47 am July 29th. She weighed in at 8lbs 5oz and is 22in long. She is a very strong little girl with a great set of pipes and very plump cheeks. We are all in love, including her big sister Zoe, and will be spending the next little bit enjoying her. I'll try to put up a few more pics soon!


So, when I wrote that brief post about false labor when I was pregnant with Zoe...I had no idea how bad it could be. Back then I had some fairly regular, yet mostly painless contractions, and there I was calling it False Labor! Until last night, I would have continued to call it that. Unfortunately, last night I discovered what true false labor is: 3 hours of contractions 2-7 minutes apart (getting closer), full of pain all the way from my pelvis and through my back, no sleep, and a whole lot of debating on whether or not I should go to the hospital. Lucky I didn't go since they almost abruptly stopped around 6 am and Love and I still had to get up and function today. Baby Paige, let's not do that again unless it's the real thing, huh? 

Yet Another Update

I feel like all I've done lately on this blog is updates since I go such long stretches between posting. Life has been so crazy lately. At my last OB appointment I measured 3 weeks ahead and was dilated to a 3.5. I am schedule this coming Thursday for a growth ultrasound to determine Paige's weight and we'll go from there. This appointment made me realize I could easily go into labor any day so I've been busy trying to complete my to do list before she makes her appearance! As of right now I'm scheduled to be induced August 5th, so at least I have an end date for this pregnancy should nothing happen before then.

Amidst all the pregnancy chaos, my Zoe turned two a couple weeks ago. Two! I can't believe it. It amazes me how time flies. To celebrate we had a family party the Sunday before. Here are some pictures:

Elmo cupcakes made with a confetti cake mix, Zoe's choice.

Cute outfit and hair clips from her aunt and uncle


Grandma and Grandpa know how much Zoe loves airplanes lately!

Another fun toy from Grandma and Grandpa

Crying, laughing, eating, burping, sleeping baby from her other aunt

She had a blast and it was fun to have everyone over. On her actual Birthday, Love and I took the day off and took her to the Zoo for the first time:

Looking for monkeys

Watching the elephants

The new baby elephant at our Zoo


Still watching elephants. They were her favorite. In fact, we found a little stuffed elephant named Aurora at the gift shop that we took home. She now sleeps with it.

101_1206 101_1208

101_1209 101_1213

Some of the animals we saw

We tried to get Zoe to do this, but she was not having it, so Love volunteered. After the Zoo we took Zoe to her favorite fast food place, McDonald's, where she had chicken nuggets, apples and milk...just like always.

Zoe being silly at McDonald's

After we got home and she had a nap, we had a little front yard BBQ with our friends/ neighbors:

Baby feeding set from Mom and Dad

Zoe's attempt to smile with teeth as she shows off her fairy princess dress-up outfit from our awesome friends

A Utah Utes football also from our friends. (Daddy's favorite gift to her.)

Baby stroller from Mom and Dad

Diaper changing set for her baby from Mom and Dad

Last, Baby's very own mini Pack n' Play

Already playing with the stroller

Birthday Cake!

A very worn out Birthday Girl after some cake.

We think she had a fun day. I'm so glad to have this little girl in my life. She is full of emotions from laughter and smiles to tears and screams...but she always manages to melt my heart at least once a day. She keeps us laughing and we love her dearly. Happy (Belated) Birthday sweet girl!