Happy Thanksgiving

Several of my Facebook friends started doing a daily status of what they were thankful for.  I joined in on the fun.  Traditionally, on Thanksgiving I write a post about everything I am thankful for.  I know that not all of my friends, family and readers have access to my personal fb page so I wanted to compile a list of them here for you, and for me. 

I thought it would be difficult to come up with 24 things to be thankful for.  At the end of the journey, I realize it wasn't difficult at all.  In fact, I could probably continue.  What a great realization to recognize just how blessed I am.  I hope all of you find yourselves greatly blessed as well!  (For those of you who have already read these, feel free to skip down to the bottom.  Though, I did add to a couple of them.)

1. I am grateful for my husband, Matt.  We have spent almost a year on new beginnings.  I'm thankful for how a relationship can be repaired through love, trust, communication and forgiveness.  He works so hard to support (in more than one way) me and our family.  And he loves me and shows it daily.  I love you, Matthew!

2. I am grateful for my girls, Zoe and Paige.  They bring a light to my life that is indescribable.  Never before having kids could I imagine my heart stretching more than it did when I fell in love for Eternity.  Then they showed up and my heart just stretched bigger.  I thank my Heavenly Father daily for sending these miracles into my life. 

3.Today I am thankful to have a home where I can raise my kids in a comforting and safe environment surrounded by friends.

4. I am so grateful that Matthew and I both have good, dependable jobs that provide for our needs. So grateful that we have a steady paycheck every two weeks. There are far too many that we know who don't have this blessing. My hope is that they have it soon and that I never take it for granted.

5. I am grateful to be able to work from home so I can bring in income while remaining my girls' primary caregiver. Short of not having to work, I cannot think of a better blessing than that!

6. I am grateful for Matt's family. They have become my own family and I love you all so very much. I am grateful to have spent the entire day with them yesterday and many more to come.

7. I'm grateful for my family. I grew up with wonderful, supportive parents and siblings who I could count on. I am grateful to have grown up around my extended family and how much a part of my life they have always been. I love you all and miss you so much!

8. I have some really amazing friends. Some span over almost my entire life, some I met in school, some at work, some at church, some just randomly and some across the internet. Every single one of them is a huge blessing in my life. Many of them are like family to me. Many of them would do anything for me and I hope they know I would do anything for them. I can't imagine my life without my friends. They are my daily sanity. Love you, my friends!

9. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father. Without Him I would have nothing, I would be nothing. He has picked me up when I was down, carried me when I could go no further, and nourished my spirit when it was broken. He has given me my beautiful family, and more blessings than I probably deserve. I am so grateful to have the relationship with Him that I do and I hope to continue to build it throughout my life.

10. Today I am grateful for our medical insurance, the best pediatrician I could ask for, and the general overall healthy of my girls and my family. We are so lucky.

11.Today I'm thankful to my husband, my Father-in-Law, my Uncle and all the other men and women who serve or have served in our military. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you to the families who support(ed) them. Thank you for the sacrifice made for the good of others. Thank you for protecting the right to freedom and keeping me safe. Happy Veteran's Day!

12. I'm thankful that my hubby and our friend are outside hanging Christmas lights on my house. First time we've ever had them in our 8 years of marriage. So excited!!

13. I'm so grateful to have a husband that assures me that I'm beautiful when I don't feel like it, when nothing fits, when I have a horrible morning.

14. I'm grateful for a weekend full of time with my little family and our extended family. Lots of priceless moments, firsts, and we come out of it with a Christmas Tree set up and lights outside. Oh yes, we did!

15. Today I'm grateful for the occasional alone time I get to do whatever I want, without whining and complaining, or constant reminders to not touch anything at the store, or hearing "I'm hungry" or "I'm tired" and the whole time I am out. It recharges my soul and makes me a better Mother and a gentler Wife. Plus the reaction when I get back is always worth it. :)

16.  Today I am thankful my family will be together forever.

17. Today I'm grateful to the few people who watch or have watched my kids for me so I can go to work on the few days I have to, or so I can get out on a date with my hubby. I am indebted to you for life and there aren't words to express how grateful I am or how comforting it is to leave my precious girls with people I can trust to take good care of them. Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart.

18. I'm grateful for our regular date night...even when it's spent at home. :)

19. I'm grateful for the first time I can ever remember really enjoying playing in the snow because of my family and our great neighbors!!

20. Today I'm grateful for the opportunity to take the sacrament, for the Atonement, and for my Savior, Jesus Christ.

21. Today I'm grateful for little toothy grins in the morning, "loves", giggles, imaginary tales, and everything in between. Even the hard stuff. Motherhood is definitely a roller coaster, but it's a ride I would choose to get on every time.

22. Today I am grateful for the motivation (self and supportive) that I have right now to continue on my health and fitness journey. I don't know how long it will take to get my body to where I feel comfortable in it, but my mind is healthier knowing I'm working on it and my life will be longer and more fulfilling because I am taking care of it.

23. I'm thankful for my history. My own personal and generations of history of those before me. I'm grateful for what I was taught and everything I've learned from them. Mostly I'm grateful for the traditions i grew up with and treasured memories that go along with them this holiday season.

24. Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for the opportunity to spend a day with family remembering to be grateful for my bounty.  Yes, we will eat lots of yummy food, but I will spend the day remembering that I am greatly blessed.  I only hope I can show my gratitude daily.  There are plenty of wants I have, but my needs are always fulfilled.  I know there are many who can't say that.  My prayers are with you that you will be comforted and protected and provided for. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Yes, even to those of you who don't live in the US.  Take some time today to count your blessings!

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