Just a quick post to say, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!"  To everyone who reads, follows, comments, and spreads the word about my blog, I so appreciate it.  I have the Alexa  toolbar- which basically tells me my traffic rating in comparison to all the other websides worldwide .  Tonight I crossed the 1 million barrier and currently stand at 993,254 IN THE WORLD! 

You may all think I'm crazy, but to give you an idea, this blog started at 14 millionth in the world the beginning of September.  That's a HUGE leap!  To top it off, it is ranked at 141,765 in the United States.  That may not seem huge to you, but IMAGINE all the websites in the world and in the US.  Google is number 1 and Facebook is number 2. 

Anyway, I will stop gushing now, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU again.  I appreciate you all and love to have you here.  Please keep doing what you're doing, keep the comments coming, and sharing posts you like.  Have a great night!

P.S. If you want to help me out a little bit MORE than you already do, please click over to Alexa and write a review.  I'll love you forever!  Thanks!

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