Five Minute Friday: Remember

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Today's prompt: Remember


I remember the carefree days.  When I could run so fast the wind rushed past my ears.  When I would pretend my bike was a car and we would gas up at the end caps of the brick walls separating our properties.  I remember sleepovers.  Silly games like truth or dare.  The drama and fear of liking boys and spending endless hours talking it over with my friends.

I remember the comfort of growing up in the same house.  Always knowing my Mom would be home when I got there.  Having siblings I could count on.  A Father that always made sure we had what we needed.  Not everyone had those things growing up.  These years hold a lot of memories for me.

Some of my favorite memories of my youth surround my time in the Band.  From sixth grade on up I played the piano, flute and the piccolo in many different groups.  I even sang in the choir my freshman year.  I auditioned and made it several times in the state-wide groups and participated in the city youth symphony.  Marching Band holds some of my most treasured and fun memories.

Looking back, those days are some of the fondest times for me.  I find it a little sad that I don't know how to find the time to keep my music alive.  I need to make this a priority.  Music is not something I want to merely treasure with all of my other childhood memories.  How does one lose their passion in life?  I don't want to merely remember that I was a musician.  It is something I want to be.


Is there something in your life you remember fondly and have let go of?  What do you think of when you hear the prompt: Remember?

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