A Monday Story

I stirred this morning, stretched my arm back and felt my secondary pillow. Instantly a thought came to mind, "An extra pillow means I need to wake up." (Don't ask...I'm still wondering myself.) I jumped up and looked at the clock. "Oh no!!!! It's 6:48!" (Supposed to wake up at 6:20.) Throwing the covers back I hopped lightly onto the floor and floated...uh stumbled to the bathroom. Blah blah, then turned on the shower, undressed and got in. Fastest.shower.ever. Afterward I yelled to Love, "Wake up!" "Moan" (love) I made my way to the closet, picked out clean clothes, threw them on and went back to the bathroom. My hair was quickly thrown into an (unflattering) up-do, a wet one, and my face was quickly dusted, colored, and mascara'd (??). Rushing to the kitchen, I threw some food in a bag and ran out the door.

That is how my day started. Here is what followed:

-Stress over money

-Love not in a good mood

-Anger towards lazy people

-Bridal shower grief

-Fighting about money

-Good sale turned sour

-Ate lunch at my desk while working

-Ten hour shift

-Didn't finish all tasks

-Didn't have time to pick up important package

-Traffic- while fighting about money


Thankfully things are better now. Still hate Mondays, money, and a few other things. Time to sleep and try again tomorrow.

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