Screws, Pain, and Fatigue

Wow, it's been a few days huh? Well, I did go see the doctor on Thursday. After a significant amount of poking and prodding (which made my semi-pain-free arm hurt enormously), me worrying that I didn't know if I was pregnant or not this month (ha!) and an x-ray wearing double lead and sitting as far away from the x-ray table as my arm would allow...we know exactly nothing. The one screw that is bothering me seems to be slightly unaligned with the rest, but not enough to tell if it is actually loose. So, right now, I'm just waiting. The doctor wants to see if maybe it was hit and is just inflamed, or if it is actually coming loose. I have an appointment for a month from now, which I will keep if the pain persists. As of now, my arm actually feels fine most of the time. Let's all hope it stays that least until after summer.

My three major Monday complaints are:

* I woke up with a stomach ache AGAIN this morning. What is up with that?

* I had a relaxing, boring weekend. Why am I so freakin tired?

* Work

Let's all just get through today huh?

P.S. I haven't had one spare moment of time lately to go on a picture hunt for my header...please be patient with me! :-)

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