A list...

Reasons why this is a terrible Monday:

* I went to bed late and woke up exhausted

* Not only exhausted, but with stomach cramps

* I have plates and screws in my left forearm from crashing on a bicycle 11 years ago. Saturday my arm started to hurt. Over the past couple days a bump has developed and I think one of the screws is coming out. Very painful. I have an appointment on Thursday to get it checked out, but most likely, I will have to have surgery to get them all removed- after which I will have to wear a cast (again) for 6 weeks.

* My fingernail IS indeed going to fall off

* I am already stressed out between work, functioning during daily activities, and trying to have a baby...along with Matron of Honor duties for my sister's wedding. Now, I have to get x-rays, have surgery and wear a cast- which probably means no baby for at least two more months and I will have a deformed finger to go along with it.

* The worst part? The arm, at least, could have been avoided if I had gotten the screws removed a year after the surgery (as my doctor recommended knowing this would happen eventually) and worn the cast then.

All I have to say is...grrrrrrr

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