Five Minute Friday: Growing

It's time again to write for five minutes flat, without worrying if it's perfect or not.  No editing.  Just the written word in it's purest form.  Won't you join in?  Just click over to The Gypsy Mama for the full rules and to link up.

Today's prompt: Growing


At 28 years old I finally feel like I'm growing.  Not the kind of growing that requires gaining weight and height and childhood milestones.  Instead, I am hitting milestones I've created.  Making goals and working to achieve them.  Growing out of that teenage/young adult selfishness and learning to look inside myself and see what I can improve.  Instead of looking at others and seeing what they can improve.

I'm learning that life is not about perfection.  That "perfect" is actually a disease when you really think about it.  That being less perfect, or rather putting on a less perfect show, actually makes people more comfortable with me than they ever were when they worried about spills on my carpet.  After two kids worth of spills, what's one more?  Who would have thought I would ever say that?

I'm learning that I can't do everything.  I will perhaps never have a perfectly clean house, or always get all the dishes and laundry done.  Learning that nothing I hope for will happen unless I put my mind to it.  Growing up in the most wonderful adult ways.  Suffering sometimes because growing up is hard.

Growing into someone who deserves to have a great husband and two beautiful girls.  Someone who shows her girls that it's important to care for yourself while you care for everyone else.  Someone who makes mistakes and tries to fix them.  Someone who is willing to work at relationships, work for a fit body, work to achieve her dreams. 

It is never too late to do some growing.  Everyone has potential for growth.  I believe that is why we are here.  Not just to grow up or grow old.  But simply to grow.


What does "growing" mean to you?  What are you doing to grow?  Please leave a comment.

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