Fertility Journey

Wow, I can't believe how long it has taken me to get on here and write about the test results. As you know, Matt submitted his "little swimmers" to the lab last Monday to have them tested. Well, on Friday I called the doctor to find out the results. The doctor said that, overall, he was happy with the results. The motility (their sense of direction and movement) was really good, he said, and the forms (as in how well they're formed and whether or not there are malformed or dead ones) looked good. The only problem they could see was the lab was unable to determine the sperm count as the sample was viscous (sticky). The doctor said this was solvable by running the sperm through a small needle to separate them and that would solve the problem. But first, he wanted to do a test on me.

The test is called a post coital (after intercourse) and basically they want to test the cervical mucus and the sperm 3-15 hours after intercourse- during your most fertile time- to make sure the sperm aren't being killed by the cervical mucus, and also that the sperm are not too viscous to make it through the cervical mucus. So, I had to pee on a stick for the last couple of days to find out when I am most fertile (ovulation kit to test for my lh surge). I peed on a stick Friday...faint purple line, deep purple line...nope. Saturday- peed on a stick: two purple lines, but the test line still wasn't as deep as the control line. Today, after being told by my hubby to "go pee on a stick": two purple lines...called the doctor- on his cell phone because we have to schedule an appointment within the 3-15 hour time frame- voice mail. :-(

Oh well, hopefully he'll call sometime tomorrow. At least I'm done peeing on a stick for this month!

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