Five Minute Friday: Relevant

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Today's Prompt: Relevant


I often wonder how much of what I write is relevant to you and your lives.  Or how often I use the all-encompassing topic of "balance" to it's outer limits.  I don't often discuss things here that are relevant to what's going on politically or religiously. 

Instead, I discuss the smallness of my world and what I observe there, hoping there are others who are the same.  Others who notice the same things, or have the same joys and struggles.  Or, others how have different opinions and can teach me a thing or two.  I hope that I am relevant in that respect.

I write here because I love to.  Sometimes I have more time than others and I enjoy that there is no pressure to write on certain days or that no one really minds if I don't get on here for a week.  I like to think that people here understand the business of the life of a young, working mother. 

Still, I do worry that I'm not reaching people.  Because the bigger picture here, to me, is that I want to create a sort of community.  Not necessarily one of people that are all of the same mind frame as me-  no one would learn anything. 

I want a community of people who strive to seek balance in their lives, however that looks to them.  People who have joys and struggles like mine or different from mine.  People who are willing to share their experiences like I do.  People who want to be real.

Real, balance, and the pursuit thereof.  That is the matter at hand here, for me.  In that respect, I hope I am relevant.


I apologize if my thoughts are jumbled.  Today's topic was a bit hard for me.  What comes to your mind when you hear the word "relevant?"

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