14 Months

Dear Paige,

A couple weeks ago you hit the 14 month mark.  Imagine my shock at how quickly all that time went by!  It has been ages since I wrote you one of these letters.  I only hope I can remember all the little things I have wanted say! First, and most important, your carefree attitude is my favorite thing about you.  I love how easily you go with the flow of whatever comes during the day.  You are generally the happiest baby I have ever met.  You almost always meet people with a smile, especially me when I get you out of your crib.  I love how you practically jump into my arms every morning and lay your head on my shoulder as you clutch your blanket and say "Ahhhh!"  I love that you still want to snuggle with me sometimes.  The feeling of your little head against my neck is one I am not quite ready to let go of.

Kind of a Mama's girl...
You are getting bigger.  Just today I noticed how tall you are.  You seem to age before my eyes.  You are learning things so fast!  In the last couple weeks you went from crawling to almost 100% walking.  You also learned to go up AND down the stairs.  You are so good at it that we took down the baby gate that has been at the top of the stairs since Zoe started crawling.  It's a little hard for Mom to watch as you walk across the grass all by yourself, when you don't want me to feed you, or when you want to figure something out on your own.  I love watching you bask in your independence and accomplishments, but I miss my little baby sometimes.  She's almost gone.

Adoring Uncle Eric just after you met
You had your first birthday party in New Mexico since Uncle Eric was coming home from his mission.  You love to rip paper so unwrapping presents was pretty fun for you!  My favorite part was watching you with your cake.  You kept looking at me like, "Is it really OK for me to do this?"  You would stick your pointer finger in the cake and get the tiniest bit of icing to taste.  Finally someone stuck your whole hand in the frosting and you took off until you got to the cake part.  Apparently you prefer chocolate cake over white cake as you kept spitting out the cake until someone gave you chocolate.  So there is a bit of Daddy in you too. 

Frosting is delicious
You are a fabulous eater.  Weeks after you discovered food that wasn't pureed, you were converted and have never looked back.  I'm shocked at the types of food you eat- foods that we would have just NOW started offering to Zoe.  You navigate things well with just your front teeth.  Your molars are finally coming in though.  I promise you will appreciate them after they finally break through those sore gums.  I hope you continue to enjoy a variety of foods.

The Birthday Girl
I love this age because you have become a little copycat.  You love Michael Jackson and Elmo, just like your sister.  Every time Michael comes on your head starts bobbing vigorously.  It is so cute to watch!  You love to dance to a beat and love to imitate my moves.  You are trying so hard to talk!  You can say a few words like, "Mama", "Dada", "Hi!", "Again!", etc.  You try to say many others after I say them. 

What I love most is you point to things all the time, wanting to know what they are.  When I name it, you usually attempt to say the word.  You are excellent at answering "yes" and "no" questions.  You will whimper a bit and point until I guess what you want or need and then will happily shake your head "yes" when I give it to you.  You also try to copy words from our prayers while we say them together.  You love to copy your sister's funny noises.  Dinnertime will often find us laughing over you and Zoe saying things back and forth to each other.

State Fair Beauty
Your time with Zoe isn't always easy.  You both have jealousy issues and are a little rough with each other.  We're trying to change that.  Most of the time, you play together nicely.  You HATE it when Zoe wants alone time in her room and she closes her door.  You will sit outside it in the hall and cry at being left out.  Usually you are happy to play by yourself, though.  I think you enjoy not having to compete with Zoe for the toys.  When you get along, you play well together.  A favorite game recently is Zoe will lay on the floor and yell, "Somebody help me!" and hold her hand out.  You will go to her immediately and touch her hand "helping" her and suddenly she's free and fine.  I hope this serves as a small reminder that sisters are ALWAYS supposed to be there for each other.  You both love a lot of the same things.  I hope that means you will eventually be best friends.

Watching fireworks with Dad and Zoe
Some of your favorite things?  You love to be tickled and when Mom and Dad make silly faces or funny noises.  I love your giggles!  Peek-a-Boo is one of your most favorite games.  You love to be outside.  Especially now that you can walk.  You love your blanket, always biting it and giving it hugs.  Silly girl.  Your favorite toys are books, balls, your computer and the play kitchen.  When you get a chance to play with them, you love your Little People sets.  I love to watch you put the little people in all different places and push buttons.  You love music and dancing and you even try to sing sometimes.  You like to grab a book and climb into my lap knowing I will read it to you.  You love to taste-test dinner as I'm getting it ready.  Always impatient for it to be done.  Mostly, you love to follow me around wherever I go, creating mischief along the way.

Told you, Mama's girl
You have experienced a lot of firsts this year.  First fireworks, first trip to the Zoo, first trip to the state fair.  You are always so great when we take you places.  Full of wonder and excitement and rarely cranky.  You are a joy to be around.  Plus, EVERYONE comments on how cute you are and how gorgeous your eyes are.  Daddy better be prepared for the teenage years.

"Look, Mom!  Animals!"
You definitely have a little temper.  You are such a calm, happy kid most of the time.   But if you don't get your way, if someone tells you "no", or if you have to do something you don't want to, you throw a most impressive fit.  Crying (sometimes screaming) and writhing around or pushing yourself away from me.  I find it amusing most of the time because you are generally so mild mannered that these moments rarely find us.

My smiley, happy girl

Although I know you will notice less pictures, less posts about you, less attention than your sister got at your age, I hope you always know that I don't love you any less.  My heart is wide and full of love for both my precious girls.  I thank Heavenly Father every day for sending you to me.  My life would be incomplete without the presence of your special spirit.  I love you more than you will ever know.



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