Five Minute Friday: On Ordinary

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I live an ordinary life.  I wake up, work, get my girls up, eat breakfast, fit a workout in, work again, eat lunch, do some chores, some playing, work again, make dinner, and get them in bed.  That is how most of my days play out.  To an outsider, perhaps someone with a more extravagant life than mine, that might seem mundane, boring even.  The same schedule day in and day out.

What they don't know is, I wake up every morning to the sweetest man, and we have our conversations about the day ahead, strange dreams we had the night before, and I always get a deep squeeze and a kiss before he leaves.  I work until I'm interrupted by a shy smiling face coming into my room holding "bunny and blanket" asking if she can get up.  The first thing I get from her every morning is a snuggle in my office chair. 

This is followed by the widest grin of excitement when I go get Paige, who jumps into my arms and lays her little head on my shoulder.  I get, "Oh, thank you, Mommy!" for suggesting pancakes for breakfast.  I watch Zoe try to "workout" with me.  I hear her narrative all day long about things she finds exciting.  And Paige squeals with delight when she takes a few steps all by herself.  We find magic and adventure in books.  Delight in Zoe buttoning a jacket "all by herself".  Paige's proud face as she navigates going downstairs on her own. 

I hear screams of excitement when Daddy gets home, and little feet pattering toward him as he tries to kiss me first.  Zoe tells us stories over dinner, stories about our day, or some she makes up on her own.  Paige trying to copy everything we, or especially her sister, do.  I watch Matt as the stresses of his workday melt away at the sweetness of our girls as he relaxes into home. 

We calm down for the night with words from children's books, hear the prayers of a toddler, and sing "Goodnight Sweetheart" every night without fail.  After a couple attempts to stay awake, Zoe finally stays in bed.  Matt and I get some time to relax and reconnect before we snuggle up together in our too-small bed and sleep until morning when we start all over again.

And I know I went over my five minutes today, but that's ok because my life is far from ordinary.

Tell me what is not ordinary about your life...

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