Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Look beyond her tired ponytail and pajamas as she walks hurriedly through the grocery store at two in the afternoon and see a worried Mom stopping to get medicine for the child she comforted all night.

Look beyond that distracted, stony-face and see a man's worry over whether or not he will make the bills this month as he bumps into you- accidentally.

Look beyond the cheery smile of the woman standing on your porch with baked goods and see the lonely soul looking for company.

Look beyond the uncombed hair and mismatched clothes of that man's little girls and see that he plucked them unexpectedly out of the house for some one-on-one time. 

Look beyond the snobby nature of the reclusive woman that is your neighbor and see that she is actually just shy and a bit socially awkward.

Look beyond the angry woman who just yelled at you for brushing past her arm and see the pain she feels at being told this morning that she wasn't important enough to stay with.

Look beyond the facade that everyone puts on for everyone else and see.  SEE.  We are all the same.  We all have our struggles.  We all need friends, a helping hand, a smile, and a little understanding.  We all need each other.


What facade to do you put up for those around you?  What would happen if everyone was honest about their true feelings?  Would we have more disagreements?  Would we have more connections?  Both?  Discuss!

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