And the Road Takes Another Turn

Well I'm 31 weeks now and had a doctor's appointment yesterday that was very interesting. To sum it up, let's just say my doctor took a look at my blood sugar numbers over the past couple weeks and pretty much said they were too good...that I don't have gestational diabetes. What??????????? Yeah, so we talked about it and remember how I said I thought it was strange that they didn't have me fast before the three hour glucose test? Well I WAS supposed to. So, obviously my sugars would be ridiculously high since your fasting blood sugar should be quite a bit lower than it is after you eat. Anyway, I do still have a sensitivity to carbs and sugars as displayed by my numbers when I have too much, but now all I have to do is stick to the diet and keep up the exercise and only test ONCE a day. Can I just tell you how nice that is? I really don't mind the diet too much. It's a healthier way to live...and something I want to teach Zoe early on. And I only gained one pound in the last four weeks, which is AWESOME. Overall, I feel less stressed and that is wonderful.
In other news, I got to go home last weekend to have my family/friend baby shower in New Mexico. It was so much fun! I got a lot of cute things and a few things we really needed...we're still lacking some basics, but hopefully after the next shower and our purchases we'll have basics as well. Also, my Mom made me cry at the sight of the most beautiful blessing dress I have ever seen. She hand crocheted it and added little bow and ribbon details to it that made it nothing short of exquisite. She made me leave it home so she could finish a couple things, but I got a couple pictures. I will try to post them tonight. It was awesome to spend time with my family. Zoe and I got plenty of attention as she is the first grandchild in my family and the first great grandchild on my Dad's side of the family. Everyone is so excited...which just feeds my excitement. One night while I was home, I had both sisters, my Mom and my little brother feeling my belly trying to elicit a kick or a movement from Zoe. It was quite exciting for them and I can tell Zoe is going to be one spoiled little girl. I also got a chance to see a lot of good friends while I was home. One in particular who just had a baby- and looks great! Little Eila Ruth is just beautiful and Esme is getting so big, I can't believe it! Overall it was an awesome trip, but I wish it had been longer and I could have spent more time with a few know who you are.
As for little Zoe, she is getting so big! Weighing in at a whopping 3 lbs 5 oz (roughly) and measuring nearly 15 inches long. Of course these are just estimates, but I can feel how big she's getting in there. She's certainly running out of room. According to my Mom, she has dropped a bit- hopefully taking advantage of some of the space being tall affords me. It's funny/ a little painful when she stretches out and I can feel her simultaneously in my ribs and lower pelvis. As for me, things are going fine- besides just starting to feel the aches and pains of pregnancy...and hoping that a combination of rest and exercise will alleviate some of it.
There are babies everywhere. Before I left for home, Love and I were able to stop by the hospital Thursday night to meet our newest niece. She is healthy and beautiful and we fell in love instantly! I was excited to see her before I left. I swear every baby I hold makes me want Zoe to be here now- though I know she's not ready and hope she won't come until she is. Love is getting just as antsy. All this new baby stuff around, two new nieces to's no wonder we can't wait...not to mention how long it took for us to get to this point. I know she will be here before we know it though.
Lastly, I want to mention two things:
First, I am so grateful for the sweet, supportive comments I received about my fears about becoming a mother. I am constantly touched by old and new friends who form a strong support system with me on this little site of mine and grateful that you think so much of me.
Second, I think I'm going to try something new...and I'm going to hope I don't bore you out of your minds. I have become a blogging slacker again and want to try to do something to get myself used to writing more- which will hopefully shorten the really long posts once a week. So, I have decided to write something...anything...once a day to get back in the habit...and hope you will bear with me while I experiment. Thanks in advance!

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