Living With Diabetes

Well, Gestational Diabetes is certainly not fun. Carb counting is not fun. Pricking your finger 7 times a day is not fun. Worrying every time the blood sugar is high is not fun. Is it worth it for Zoe? OF COURSE! To tell you the truth, while living this restricted lifestyle is frustrating, it's not that hard. This last week I went to see the Diabetes Educator- who just answered any questions I had and gave me some basic instruction on what I could eat. Then I went to a Dietitian- who gave me my specific meal plan and increased my blood sugar testing to 7 times a day. Now that I have a plan...a way to actively prevent the bad side effects of this...I'm doing OK. I don't miss soda and chocolate that much...and doing it all for my little baby girl makes it so much easier. What's three months of restricted diet and pricking my finger for a lifetime with her?
I haven't really had a lot of time to post lately, so 29 weeks was skipped...sorry! Life has been crazy. It seems like everywhere we turn there's something else going on. Time is ticking on and it's not really that long until we'll have a new little person in our lives. Can I tell you something? As much as I've been wanting this and for all we went through to get here...I'm a little scared. I keep having dreams that I won't know what to do, or that we'll struggle financially, or that we won't be ready. I worry that I won't be a good enough mom, that I'll have to work too much, that her life will fly by as fast as this pregnancy and I'm going to miss so much of it at work. I worry about all that already and she's not even here yet! Did any of you moms feel this way? How did you make yourself feel better?
Anyway, I'll make sure to post again soon! Take care my friends...and pray for warm weather!

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