33+ Weeks

Wow, I'm beginning to understand how women are completely ready for labor by the time it finally comes around. Time seems to have slowed as I am steadily approaching my due date. The heartburn is ever-present, Zoe likes to sit on my sciatic nerve, I'm tired, and yes, I'm waddling. The Doc has started weekly appointments with me (early) and I have to go in for non-stress tests twice a week. I'm not sure if I mentioned that the Diabetes Center decided to put me on insulin...I think I did. Anyway, it was because of the Gestational Diabetes and being on insulin that I had to start these tests. The cool thing about the test is I was able to triple confirm that Zoe is, in fact, a girl. Also, I get to see pictures of her twice a week...which is a huge comfort. So far baby Zoe and I are scoring well and I have nothing to worry about...but just the fact that I'm having to do them and see the doctor so often...makes me think I have much less time than I thought I did. So, on one hand, time is dragging by and I can't wait for this baby to get here...and on the other, (OH NO!) I have way less time than I thought and find myself frantically trying to prepare. Are you confused? I am. Anyway, I unpacked and washed everything for Zoe and put it away in her room...so that is done. I still need to find a pediatrician for her, finish a few house projects, and pack my hospital bag...which leads me to my question for the day. What would/did you put in your hospital bag?

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