A Third Trimester Class

Last night was our first "labor preparation class". It was interesting. No one in the group was very talkative and I am somewhat shy, so we didn't get to know anyone. We talked a lot about the different stages of birth and signs of real vs. false labor. We also practiced breathing and relaxation techniques. The educator played a video for us, which was only slightly comical due to when it was made, and afterward I approached Love about two things- since he's done this before. First, I asked if I get to wear a gown and if I'll be covered up most of the time until actual birth- because I swear every woman in the video was practically nude. (He said yes.) Second, I was a little unnerved by the color of the baby just out of the womb. I remember seeing my little sister born, but I don't remember her being bluish- of course I was 11. I guess I knew somewhere deep down, but it made me glad I signed up for the class so I would be prepared for that. I took me a long time to finally decide to take the class, but so far I'm happy with the decision. Did any of you moms take a class?

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