Well, it could be implantation bleeding OR it could be the beginnings of a very early AF. I.DON'T.KNOW. I am holding out hope that it isn't AF, but I am, understandably, skeptical. I mean, do we need to go back to several older posts to remember what usually happens in this case? The only thing that leaves me with hope is that I have NEVER felt like this before. That Fall Cleaning project I had in mind? I have made a TO DO LIST in order to be able to do things one at a time throughout the next month. I simply did not have the energy to to it all yesterday. In fact, I barely had the energy to clean the bathroom. I had to sit down like every 20 minutes. I am so tired I can't even relax or I might fall asleep. I am having these strange, low, cramps and little, I don't know, fluttery feelings in my abdomen. I get what I can only describe as something similar to stomach cramps if I wait too long to eat. I rarely get heartburn and have had it 3 times since Wednesday. If I get to hot, I get nauseous. I really don't know what to make of it. I am praying that all these symptoms spell what I'm hoping for. If not, something is seriously wrong with me.

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