Sometimes I wonder if this blog is really doing me any good. I started out with a purpose, but the more I review what I've written, especially most recently, the more I feel like my purpose has been lost. I am no closer to "a state of balance" (equipoise) than I was when I started. Life, seems to always get in the way. Wow, what a funny thing to say. Shouldn't life be about balance? Shouldn't we all be striving to balance our creativity with our responsibilities? I wish I had enough talent in one creative area that my responsibilities could be taken care of by it. I wish I could make a living doing something I love, instead of wasting time in a cubicle to pay my bills. I see so many of you wonderful bloggers that are talented at sewing, at crafts, at illustration, painting, or photography. Your posts leave me awestruck. Many of you have a talent with words- something I used to pride myself in- that leave me breathless with how beautiful your posts are. Lately, I feel like everything I write is more of an update on my life. I feel like life has gotten so busy, or has gotten away from me enough, that I can't concentrate the energy I want to on my creativity and especially on this blog. I don't even have a header, and haven't in a while, because I can't find the time- or the creativity- to make one. I have lost my identity as a blogger. So, I am going to ask those of you that read my blog, what keeps you coming back? What is it that I write that you like the most? What is it that you don't like? I am too close to the problem to really see what it is that I am doing wrong. I can't figure out exactly what to change that will make me feel better about blogging. I would appreciate your feedback on this. I hope to make a few changes here very soon. I'm afraid that, if I can't figure out what to change, I may just quit blogging. I want to make sure my time is invested wisely, and right now, this blog isn't evidence of time well spent. Thank you in advance for your help.

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