Afternoon Stroll

Ever feel like someone's trying to tell you something??? Just when I'm so frustrated with life and trying to figure out what to do and how I can be proactive about my wants and needs I encounter this on a simple mid-day stroll to the grocery store.
Now, I am certainly aware that not all of you are Christian, but I am, and I just thought it was interesting how I've been told this so many times while trying to get pregnant or through any hard times in life, but it never truly struck me until I saw it spray painted in red and white on a neighborhood sidewalk. Guess I'll have to work on that...

On a lighter note, I also encountered this:
whisperings of simpler days
deep shade under a summer haze
a childhood memory
my flowing hair, an upturned nose
brushing branches with bare toes
straight legs then bended knees
shrieking, "Higher" with no fear
I hear the wind rush past my ear
flying high and feeling free

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