I am...

* analytical about everything
* a little OCD
* shy and quiet towards people I don't know (who usually think I'm a snob because of it) :(
* quirky and bubbly to people I do know
* a musician, a writer (at least I try to be), and a book lover- who is struggling to master photography
* a wife (longing to be a mother), a daughter, grand daughter, sister, and neice (who misses NM, and her family
* anti-work (unless we didn't need the money and I could do something I love)
* a pretty decent cook, and obsessive housekeeper, but also terribly lazy
* a life-long friend
* a little self concious about my weight
* a good listener (so I've heard)
* impatient...about getting pregnant, having to wait for things, and resolving arguements
* me
Who are you?

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