29 Goals

Last year, a friend of mine challenged me to follow in her footsteps and make 28 goals to accomplish in my 28th year.   It resulted in a lot of personal changes and growth so I have decided to continue on with 29 Goals this year!  I will share these goals with you now and as I accomplish them I will share it here. Since my birthday is 10 days before the end of the year these goals are going to be my New Year's Goals in no particular order:

1. Go back to school
2. Read the entire Bible and Book of Mormon in 365 days
3. Keep Exercising Regularly
4. Be a more patient and engaged Mom
5. Get more organized at home
6. Potty train Paige
7. Read 20 books
8. Take more pictures than last year
9. Figure out a blogging schedule and stick to it
10. Get my piano tuned
11. Play piano 2-3 times per week
12. Play flute 2-3 times per week
13. Implement a house cleaning schedule that's more efficient
14. Do three public music performances
15. Take walks regularly
16. Learn the guitar
17. Be happy with myself
18. Read Scriptures daily with Matt
19. Pray morning and night (at least)
20. Learn to be on time
21. Go to the temple once a month
22. Drink 100 ounces of water daily
23. Start writing poetry again
24. Be better about speaking my mind in the moment rather than keeping quiet to keep the peace
25. Look for opportunities to provide service and take them!
26. Go rock climbing
27. Eat healthy and splurge occasionally without guilt
28. Quit my nervous habit
29. Reduce time spent on Facebook, phone games and the Internet in general

I'm excited to tackle these new (and old) goals this year! I hope I have an even better result this year! Please, if you would like to join me in doing one goal per year you are old, link up in the comments on the goals page! You don't have to make that many goals to join in though! If you have any New Years Goals, feel free to join in. Keep me updated on how you're doing throughout the year!

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