Five Minute Friday: Roar

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Today's Prompt: Roar


                                                                                      "What does the lion say?" I ask as my two little beauties roar loudly into the quiet of our home.  Makes me grin every time.  Though, often it reminds me of how often life roars through my quiet.  I am a peacemaker.  Always trying to stop the bickering of my angels, fights between friends, family, quarrels with my husband.  Contention is physically unsettling to me. 

Often I wish everyone had to go through a communication class.  Learn how to deal with and overcome conflict.  Too often people get so caught up in what they think might have happened, what they assume the other party is thinking, and so on, that they end up making a simple disagreement ten times worse. 

It hurts my heart that so much precious time is wasted by being angry and stubborn.  I am not saying I have never been there myself, but I usually try to let things go quickly and am pretty forgiving, simply because I can't stand to be in conflict with others.  I don't want to waste MY precious time on this earth being angry.  I would rather figure it out now, resolve it, talk through it, cry, get angry, roar and be done.  So I can move on.  Isn't that better??


Wow, this post went in a whole different direction than I had originally intended.  Guess that's what freewriting is about.  Does conflict unsettle you?  How do you deal with it?

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