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Well hello!  I am lucky to know a lot of the people who follow this little blog of mine.  But I KNOW there are several of you out there who I don't know so well, and some not at all. 

So, in honor of National De-Lurker Day, and in participation with many of my fellow bloggers, I ask you to take a couple seconds to introduce yourself!

Tell me something about you, about your kid, your dog, your job.  Tell me how long you've been following.  Tell me why you're here.  Tell me I need to blog more.  Ask me a question.  Simply state a name and say hello.  Just take a couple seconds to leave a comment to let me know you exist.

And those of you I do know, don't go thinking I don't want to hear from you too.  Not everyone around here knows you.  So please leave any sort of comment you would like as well.

You will totally make my day week!  I would love to know more about all you people who, for some reason, stick around to read my random little blog.  It's like a virtual name tag except you don't have to go around actually wearing one and then forget and walk into the grocery store with, "Hello my name is..." attached to your chest.  See how nice I am?

If you're new, or have just stumbled upon us, please find a way to follow.  Telling your friends would be pretty cool too, just sayin'. 

I'm excited!  I can't wait to get to know you better!  Thanks!!!  Also, if you have other blogs you follow, take a second to go say hi to them too!  They'll love it, I promise.

P.S. Yes, I am aware that I possibly use to many exclamation points!!!!

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