One goal for each year I have been on this earth in no particular order:

1. Go back to school
2. Read the entire Bible and Book of Mormon in 365 days
3. Limit processed sugar
4. Be a more patient and engaged Mom
5. Get more organized at home
6. Work on sight words with Paige
7. Read one book a month
8. Take more pictures than last year
9. Teach Zoe to tie her shoes
10. Get my piano tuned
11. Play piano regularly
12. Play flute regularly
13. Implement a house cleaning schedule that's more efficient
14. Start piano lessons with Zoe
15. Learn the guitar
16. Pray morning and night (at least)
17. Learn to be on time
18. Go to the temple once a month
19. Become a yoga instructor
20. Start writing poetry again
21. Be better about speaking my mind in the moment rather than keeping quiet to keep the peace
22. Look for opportunities to provide service and take them!
23. Go rock climbing
24. Eat healthy and splurge occasionally without guilt
25. Quit my nervous habit
26. Really enjoy time spent with my kids and as a family
27. Keep Matt as my first priority
28. Get to know people in my neighborhood
29. Be productive at work
30. Double Trifecta in Spartan Races

I'm excited to tackle these goals this year!  What are your goals?

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