What's that? I know I've been missing around here lately. What can I say except "life happens"? We've been busy shopping for the holidays, spending time with our extended family and each other, oh and some of the not so fun stuff like working, and the really terrible stuff like illness. Let's just say I've been a little busy around here.

I haven't even found time to exercise since last Friday! Yikes! I'm going through withdrawals. No really. Did you know you could have exercise withdrawals? Well now you do. In good news, despite my bad few days of no exercise I hit 10 pounds lost since the beginning of this health/weight loss journey. I don't know why, but hitting that number is extremely satisfying for me. Other than my random weight loss last year, I haven't seen these numbers in at least four, maybe five years. That is exciting! I'm also starting to really notice some changes, especially in my stomach area (finally!). That is always the last place to notice a difference. What this means is I am over halfway to my goal weight and then I can just work on maintaining and toning. Awesome!
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Another thing I have been busy with?  Music!  Yes, I joined my church choir at the invitation of the director after finding out they were doing a performance next Tuesday in addition to Christmas.  (I won't be here for Christmas.)  Unexpectedly, after joining, I also have the opportunity to play my flute.  It's hard to describe how happy all of this makes me.  Growing up, music was my life.  For the last few years, it hasn't really been that way.  Having this opportunity makes me feel like I've come myself.  It makes me feel whole.  I'm very excited.

In just over a week I will be making the trip home to New Mexico to see my family for Christmas.  And hopefully to meet my new niece who is set to be arriving any day now.  So, there are many exciting things going on through the craziness! 

Last, my birthday is one week from today.  As I approach 29, I have looked over my goals I set for this year (see 28 Goals) and I accomplished far more than I thought I did.  Maybe not as many as I thought I would, but I made those goals a single Mother who had much more control over her time.  After getting remarried, things changed, but I still managed to accomplish a lot.  In the next couple weeks, I plan to write a new list of 29 Goals for next year, including some that I didn't make it to this year, and making a few of them more realistic (read 100 books, ha!).  I will, of course do a review of last years goals and cross off a couple more before then.  What I took from this year is that having something to work towards is the only way to live.  If you're not working towards something, you're not living, merely existing.  It's been amazing to live, and quite an eventful year. 

I would encourage anyone who wants to join me in making goals to accomplish next year (you can start them on your birthday and do them by age, or just make some resolutions).  Post them on your blog and leave the link in the comments on the 28 (soon to be 29) goals page, or just leave your goals in a comment on that page.  Check in with me when I post about goals or on the page throughout the year.  Let's see what we can accomplish!

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