It's hard to believe we only have two days until Christmas.  My family and I have been in the throes of illness for two weeks now.  I am finally starting to feel like we might be nearing the end.  The relief of that feeling is indescribable.  You take for granted things like having a voice, being able to exercise, being able to breathe without coughing.  I can't wait until I feel like myself again.

I'm writing to you now from a hotel room in Cortez, CO.  We are on our way to my home, New Mexico, to spend Christmas with my family.  Unfortunately, the road into my hometown is closed due to a terrible snowstorm so we are stuck waiting. 

What do these two things have in common?

Being sick and being stuck in a hotel room, our home, a car together has brought us all closer.  Gratefully, I find my children endearing instead of feeling like they are driving me nuts.  Zoe spent the trip entertaining us with her new nicknames for us and her silly remarks. 

 Last night as we were all laying down to go to sleep she said, "Dad, I'm having trouble sleeping.  I think I'll count sheep."  We chuckled as she started counting aloud, only to burst out laughing when she said, a few seconds later, "Actually, I think I should play Angry Birds." 

Paige serenaded us with her singsong voice, talking until almost midnight and we were up early this morning because of her coughing.  Yet, as soon as she saw Dad up and awake she excited squealed, "HI!"  And suddenly the early hour wasn't so frustrating.

Not to mention all the time I've had to sit and talk with Matt, listen to music and just BE together while our two little ones enjoy movies in the back seat.  Blessed technology!! 

I'm grateful for the time to reflect and really enjoy my little family.  They are my greatest blessings and (especially after last year) I'm beyond excited that we are all together this year. 

Well, I'd better sign off.  The extra waiting has given me some time to get a little work done. 

Just in case I don't get the chance to get on here again, Merry Christmas to you all!  (Or Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate differently.)  I'm so grateful to have you here!

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