28 Goals Recap

My 29th birthday was last Wednesday and it's time to evaluate what I accomplished this year.  I am not too upset about what I didn't accomplish because, frankly, without making these goals I wouldn't be where I am today.  I feel great about what I've done.  Here is an update:

1. Go back to school- still working on this.  Going to add to next years goals.
2. Decide where to live- we're going to stay in Utah for now.
3. Exercise Regularly- other than the last couple weeks being sick I can definitely say exercise is a regular part of my routine
4. Learn to overcome some of my OCD tendencies This is and will likely always be a work in progress, but I have made positive strides in letting go of perfection and control.
5. Visit home more often I have actually been home a lot this year.  It's been great to spend so much time with them.
6. Potty train Zoe!!! Done and done.  I think we're going to try to get Paige potty trained before the end of next year.
7. Read 100 books- Changing this one for next year.  100 books is far to many for my busy life.  I think I read a grand total of 8 this year.
8. Take more pictures than last year (especially of Paige)- not sure how to figure this one.  I took pictures, but not as many as I would like. Still, I am pretty sure I took more than last year though.  I think next year I will make a goal to take at least 2 photos a week.
9. Replace porch light bulb- I did it, but now need to do it again because the black light bulb has been in there since Christmas.  :)
10. Get my piano tuned- definitely adding this to next year
11. Play piano 2-3 times per week- recently I have been, but not enough to consider this done.
12. Play flute 2-3 times per week- same as above
13. Sing full voiced as often as possible- I ALWAYS sing full voiced, and often.
14. Do one public music performance- I actually did three, and plan to do a lot more utilizing opportunities through Church next year.
15. Take walks regularly- adding to next year
16. Learn the guitar- adding to next year
17. Be happy with myself- I'm getting there.  Adding to next year.
18. Read scriptures daily-  I was doing well for a while, but dropped off, need to recommit.
19. Pray morning and night (at least)- same as above
20. Learn to be on time- excruciating that I haven't accomplished this one yet.  Much harder than I thought it would be.  Adding to next year.
21. Go to the temple once a month- Next year.
22. Drink 64 ounces of water daily on a regular basis- I regularly drink about 100 ounces.  Yay!
23. Start writing poetry again- I haven't written anything new in a while.  Adding to next year.
24. Find a place to go swing dancing and try to go often- Still working on this one.
25. Look for opportunities to provide service and take them!- I need to be more open to this next year.  Though I did accomplish some this year, especially recently.
26. Go rock climbing- next year.
27. Eat at least 1 serving of fruit and vegetables every day- Something that has definitely become part of my diet.
28. Quit my nervous habit- still at it.  Darnit.

Ten out of 28 completed is not half bad.  Especially for someone who never followed through on goals before.  I am especially proud of the strides I have made towards my health and my music this year.  I'm excited for what lies ahead for next year.  I will continue to focus on health and music but want to work more on spiritual goals and some of the others.  Stay tuned for next year's 29 goals page.  It's coming soon!

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