Zoe 13 Months

I know everyone has been waiting anxiously for a Zoe update. I don't know why I hold myself to things I cannot possibly accomplish. So rather than never post another update...we are just going to skip all those months we missed and start fresh.
Zoe is hilarious. She makes me laugh every single day. She absolutely loves music. You'll find her dancing all the time. When she hears a song she knows she'll give you a gigantic open mouth smile and promptly dance to her heart's content. Funnily enough her two favorite songs currently are: "Lollipop" which she heard on the new Dell commercial and the intro song to Gilmore Girls. (I'm too lazy to link.) I have both recorded on the DVR. :) She also watches bits of Sesame Street and has a great fondness for Elmo. She says quite a few words nowadays. Life sure is a bit easier with words like "Yes", "Done", "No", "Mama", "Dada", "Wah (water or walk)", "Bah" (bottle, ball, or balloon :)), "Down" and "Desitin (not exact but so close)". She will also say "woof woof" if you ask her what a puppy says, give you "five", will try to make a fish face if you ask, and her elephant sound is priceless (basically she makes raspberries). She is trying so hard to walk. She's taken up to 3 steps so far and falls...but that doesn't stop her from getting up and trying again. She has a couple baby walkers to push along and practice. She likes to go outside (she'll go to the door or window and say "ou sa" (outside) when she wants to go out) and walk up and down the sidewalks- where she stays. She's still not a huge fan of grass, though she has ventured onto and across it a few times in recent weeks (progress!). Recently she started knocking on everything from the front door to her head. So funny! She's starting to be helpful. If she finds a rag or towel on the floor she will "clean" it for you. She helps me pick up toys and other things around the house. She likes to take the silverware out of the dishwasher to "help" me put it back. She also loves books. Often you will find her on the floor with a book in her lap "reading" aloud to herself. I hope her early love for books continues throughout her life as mine has. She is very loving, giving us hugs and puckered kisses often when asked and sometimes unprovoked. She is sweet and mellow (for the most part) and I just can't get enough of her little personality. My favorite new thing is she will sit on the linoleum and use her extended feet/legs to propel herself around in circles. She loves her Daddy. She knows the sound of the garage and will rush to the door to greet him when he gets home. Then she gets upset when he goes upstairs to change. She tests limits often, just to see if I'm paying attention, has no patience, and hates to be left alone...making for a few rough days here and there. She also started hitting for a while (still does occasionally) but we taught her to gently stroke your face and say "so soft" (or "sa sa" in her words) instead. But she's young and she's learning and the good outweighs the bad most of the time. We couldn't imagine life without her.
Here are some highlights of the last few months:
Sleepy little 8-month-old
Little Drummer Girl
Playing in the crib
Zoe with Grandpa S when his Father (my Grandpa) passed away (9 months)
Playing with cousin B at Grandma D's house
Tired, but enjoying Easter spoils
Easter Egg hunt (eat?) with Mom's help
Family Picture Easter Sunday
Zoe likes to keep her hands free
Cousin B turned 1 and I'm almost 10 months!

Dancing to the music
The littlest fairy fast asleep at my sister's wedding (nearly 11 months)
Ahh! Comfy pillow!
Opening Birthday Presents on the actual day (she loves books!)
"The Mean Face"
Playing with new toys!
Make a 1st Birthday Wish!
Fireworks are fun! (For Mom too!)
Independence Day trying fruit dip
Family/ Friends Party to celebrate Zoe's Birthday
Enjoying her gifts- thanks so much everyone!
First time getting wet outside. (The dress is darker on the bottom, but not that dark. See the wet spot behind her?)
Enjoying a good book
The artist at work
Her first masterpiece
Goodbye Uncle E! See you in 2 years!
Standing up on her own
Nearly 13 months old!
Zoe, one day when you read this and wonder why it took me so long, know that I was with you instead.

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