As much as I hate it, there's nothing quite like knowing you worked your muscles hard enough to heat them up and cause you to sweat. Recently I have stopped merely complaining about my weight and started to do something about it. I'm paying attention to the amount of calories I put in my body and I've been working on fitting exercise into my schedule. Neither have been easy and I haven't been perfect. I decided, however, that perfection does not matter. I'm simply proud to be doing SOMETHING. I've been on a few walks...a couple with Zoe, but we're going to wait on that until it cools a bit before she goes with me again. Tonight I decided to try running again...it's been a while. As hard as it was, and as many times as I slowed to a walk, it still felt so good to really get my muscles moving. I had forgotten my favorite parts: the wind rushing past my ears, the tightening of my abs, the burning in my thighs, the steady rhythm of my breathing as my music paced my feet. I was determined to go today, so I ran in the dark- which I don't recommend as I listened to my music quietly and was so alert the whole time I couldn't fully enjoy the release of running- but at least I went. As I sit here, still feeling the burn of my lungs, I feel accomplished...and ready to do a little better tomorrow.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone's comments on my last post. As you've probably guessed by the running, I'm feeling much better now. :)

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