Any Equipoise I've found is missing...

How do you even begin when you haven't updated your blog in weeks? How about a list? I like lists. We'll just go with major points of interest.
-Moved the big stuff to the house, unpacked, proceeded to begin our new life here.
-Long (loooooong) commute. Zoe got used to a new sitter. She began to sleep well during the day!
-So little time. So very little time. Never able to touch a box, hang a picture, clean a room. Just driving and working. Feeding and playing. Eating and sleeping. Rinse and repeat.
-Moved the rest of the stuff from the apartment, cleaned and said goodbye.
-Vacation to New Mexico to see the fam for Thanksgiving. Grandpa was adorable with Zoe- came straight home from work at 2 in the afternoon to see her. (He hadn't seen her since she was a week old.) Everyone was thrilled to see her and happy to see us. Zoe didn't sleep well but she was an angel and was sweet and playful with everyone the whole time. Extended family on my Dad's side got to meet her- including her great grandparents. I enjoyed her being the center of attention. We also got to meet our future brother-in-law- who, unfortunately, got hurt during a "flag football" game and ended up having surgery. Luckily he is bringing my sister up to see me in a couple weeks so we'll get to chat more.
-Zoe turned 5 months old. Letter will follow in a later post.
-Back to work. Boxes from the second move still scattered everywhere- along with our bags from the trip that are still packed.
-Will life ever get back to normal?
-Tried to go get family pictures taken today. By the time it was nearly our turn Zoe had rubbed her eyes red, I was stressed and Love was done. We went home instead.
-Zoe pulled her little knees up under her tummy and learned to scoot. We are thrilled with our little stinkbug!
-Was going to try pictures early tomorrow but Zoe's been up 4 times since bedtime...think it's going to be a long night.
Sorry no details. I should really be sleeping instead of typing. I do have a bunch of Zoe pictures that I will try to post soon. I am reading your blogs, just haven't had time to comment. Hopefully life gets back to normal soon...I need a week off. Goodnight!

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