Zoe's First Christmas

We were pleasantly surprised as we took a hungry Zoe downstairs Christmas morning to receive her first presents from Santa ever. She was immediately interested in her new toys. She even helped Love open her presents a bit. She was fun to watch as she inspected each of her gifts. We did laugh at her a little as she looked around a few times trying to figure out why this particular morning was so different. By the end she was tired of the present thing and ready to eat, but we think she did great! Here are a few photos:
"Mom! We just woke up!"
The tree...Santa came!
"I learn fast."
"Books that talk and sing!"
"This looks delicious!"
"Is this mine?"
"Wow, she's pretty!"
"It's sooo not that cold in here."
"Well look at that! New PJ'S!"
"Didn't you know? DVD's are for eating."
"Wow! That frog is as big as me!"
"Ooo...cozy outerwear!"
"Let's see there's one, two, three..."
"Playing with the new toys...sitting all by myself."
"K, Mom, I'm ready to eat now."
There was much more under that tree for her than what I posted in pictures. Thank you to everyone who helped Zoe to have such a great Christmas! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday as much as we did.
On a more serious note, my Grandpa passed away peacefully in his home on December 24th. I will be taking a break from blogging for the week in order to attend his funeral and spend some time with family. While he will be greatly missed, he had been ill for some time and we're glad that he's home at peace with our Heavenly Father. My Mom wrote a lovely tribute post to her Daddy here. Thank you for your understanding, friendship and love.

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