5 Months

Dear Zoe,

A couple weeks ago you turned 5 months old. I regret to say that your fourth month in this world was definitely not your Mother’s best month as far as mommyhood goes as I had to spend much of my time dealing with all the changes we went through. The theme of this month was “new” and you came through it all so well, much to our surprise.

At the beginning of this month we signed papers on our house. By the end of the first week we had packed half the apartment and were ready to move the necessities. The entire week you were somewhat anxious, wondering why the only home you’ve ever known was being packed away as boxes began appearing everywhere. Friday, November 8th, our friends showed up to load all our belongings into a big trailer. At this you fell apart. Mom was trying to get you to play in your bouncer or go to friends/ family as I hastily packed anything I thought we might need for the next week or two…not to mention taking down your room. (We wanted to wait until the last minute to do this to make it as easy on you as possible.) You would not have it- only wanting me. So, I held you and packed at the same time. We gathered up a few last minute things, shoved them in the car, loaded up and we were on our way to our new house. You cried most of the almost hour drive there. Upon arrival, I took you to a quiet room (our closet) shut the door, and nursed you- trying to comfort you. Although better after eating, you were still fairly anxious as people wandered in and out of the house with our furniture and boxes. When everyone went home, you calmed down enough to play on the floor while we set up your room. Mom and Dad were a little worried that you wouldn’t sleep well that first night…but you surprised us when we woke up at 8:30 am and you were still snoozing! Eleven hours of sleep the first night in our new home- even your naps were longer! It was amazing that the quiet of the house, verses the noise of the apartment, allowed you to finally relax and get the rest you need. It only took you a couple of days to relax during your wakeful hours and recognize the new place as home. We are so proud of how well you did through all this!

The change of residence brought with it a change of primary sitter. Now that we lived near her, your Aunt Hez volunteered to watch you 3 days a week, leaving Grandma D with one day. Again we were nervous to see how this change would affect you, and again you surprised us. Eager to meet your Aunt’s expectations from day one as she worked to follow my direction, it only took you a couple days to pin down a new schedule. We’ve had troubles here and there, but overall you’ve been great. In fact, I think you nap better for her than you do for Mom sometimes! The new schedule helped make things easier for Grandma D on her day, so overall we’ve been pretty happy with our new set up. I’m excited for you and your cousins to become close as you grow up with each other. I’m grateful to have people I trust help me to raise you while I have to work. I hope you become increasingly comfortable there as I work to help provide for our family…and work on trying to be home with you.

There were also a lot of new physical changes this month. You braved through your second set of immunizations without too much trouble. A little crying, but that’s to be expected. You mastered rolling over front to back AND back to front, pulling up your legs to play with your toes or bending over to try and remove your socks, and easily rolling or reaching to pluck up toys from the ground around you. Everything you touch instantly goes to your mouth! You get bored easily…always wanting more stimulation- making diaper changing (or leaving you to play by yourself for long) kind of difficult. I’m hoping that this means you’re eager to learn, to do, to master and to push limits as you discover the world around you. You learned to giggle and will laugh at funny faces, or from being tickled. We heard quite a lot of your little voice this month from happy squeals, to babbling, to upset screams…you’ve definitely found your voice and aren’t afraid to share your opinion. Also, we started introducing you to solid foods. You don’t particularly care for rice cereal, but you’ll eat it- especially that one time when Grandma N decided to mix in a little organic applesauce and you devoured two small bowls! We also discovered you like water and can drink from a cup…except you sometimes just want to play and will get the water in your mouth and then let it fall down your shirt, silly girl. Also, you got your first cold, which totally threw you off! Mom had to leave work for a couple days to take care of you. It was a week before you were really yourself again. It was hard for me to watch you deal with being so congested…and to hear such a big ugly cough come from such a tiny person. I think we’re both glad it’s over. I promise it won’t be the last time you’re sick, but I also promise to take good care of you when you are.
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We rounded out our month of newness by taking you on your first trip. We went to my home in New Mexico to visit family for Thanksgiving. Everyone was so excited to see you, especially Grandpa S- who hadn’t seen you since you were a week old! We decided to leave at night, hoping you would sleep through most of the trip. We made it four hours to Moab- you slept most of the way- and decided to be smart and stop since we were tired. You slept terrible in the hotel room. I don’t blame you, we didn’t sleep well either, but we got up early and finished the trip. You were an angel. When we arrived, everyone was gushing about how much you’d grown. You touched each person’s face, as if you wanted to study them, remember them, and give them a genuine hello. Grandpa S came home as soon as he found out we were there. Within minutes he had you in his arms. We were shocked at how well you did with being scooped up by so many unfamiliar people. As Grandpa S said when I expressed my worry for you when we moved, “She will take her cue from you guys.” To me this was home, this was my familiar place, my family…as it has become for your Dad. I think you recognized my comfort there and trusted that these people love you just as much as I do. We dragged you so many places, introduced you to so many new people and through it all you stayed fairly good natured- even blessing many with smiles and happy squeals. Personally, I think you enjoyed being the center of attention everywhere you went. I was excited to introduce you to your great Grandparents, Aunts/ Uncles and second cousins. They all thought you were beautiful and enjoyed getting to spend time with you. Your sleep schedule got a bit off during the trip, with nighttime crying and short naps, but you were happy…though we’re still working to get things back to normal at bedtime.
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I know this month of your life was crazy, but it showed that we can get through anything as long as we stick together. Your personality shines, my little sweetheart. I’m certain there are quieter times ahead…and also more insane times. As you learn and grow, we will too, and we’ll figure out life together step-by-step. I love you with all my heart.



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