Zoe's First Bug

Poor Zoe is sick with her first cold. It's so hard to see such a tiny person cough and be all stuffy. She's had this cold for a few days but this morning she woke up and sounded all muffled because she was so congested. Her cough sounded wet instead of the dry cough she'd been having and then she threw up twice from gagging on her phlegm. Concerned, I decided to take her to the doctor. Thank heavens everything is fine...just something she has to get over...but I sometimes find myself wondering what I paid a co-pay for. Peace of mind is a good thing...but I hope as I become better at this Mom thing I'll be able to give myself peace of mind instead of paying for it. In the end, it's worth a co-pay to make sure everything is ok rather than worrying, or worse, not going and something actually being wrong. So, today I stayed home with Zoe for the second time this week and tried not to think about what it would do to my budget. Wouldn't you know, besides a little more fussing than usual and a lot longer naps, she's actually pretty happy when she's sick with a cold. I seriously love this child.

P.S. I know I've been a picture slacker lately...my excuse is that I'm not feeling well either, I just moved and am still working on that, and well I just haven't had a lot of time. Things will settle eventually and I will go back to posting weekly pictures, I promise.

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