A Mess

Well, it has been some week. I ended up being sick through the entire week, missing three days of work. However, because my employer refuses to award us sick leave, I had to use vacation time for those days. The problem is, I didn't have enough vacation time to cover three days. So, I had to work from home...sick. I'm sure that really helped me to recover more quickly. On Friday I was still not quite myself, but had to come in to work anyway.
Friday evening Love and I flew to New Mexico. My grandparents flew us out so we could attend their 50th Anniversary Celebration. To make a long story short, let's just say the plane seated 30 people, it was hot, and I didn't feel well. Saturday I was feeling a little better, still not digesting food, but better. I was able to pay a visit to my best friend, which was so much fun. Later, we went to the New Mexico State Fair with Nell & Chad, the newlyweds. It was fun, but I ate way too much junk- as you might have guessed- which didn't end so well. Sunday was The Big Party. The celebration turned out to be a blast! We danced the night away- including a "Saturday Night Fever" performance complete with a floor slide by Matt, "The Carlton" by Chad, and a YMCA performance by the men of the family. We flew home at the crack of dawn- making our flight by the skin of our teeth- Monday.
Today, I am puzzled by the appearance of the evil red stuff- again- a week early. My boobs don't hurt this time and I don't feel as weird as last month, but I can't get rid of this nauseous feeling. Not that it means anything because I'm still not properly digesting food.
So, to sum up:
* The weekend was fun
* I'm a mess
In good news, the weather was a bit chilly this morning so I had to wear a hoodie- my favorite thing. The leaves are already changing- Utah is gorgeous in the Fall. I'm just waiting for the pace of life to slow down just a tad more.

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