To My Love

To the love of my life,

I feel like you are worried about me. You say you believe that I’m fine, that I’m not depressed, but I can’t shake the feeling that that you’re hiding the worry you have been feeling since you read my blog. I want you (and everyone) to know that I am fine. I am extremely happy in my life with you. I merely want to re-introduce my creative self into our little world. I want to branch out of the norm and really examine my life and the world around me. You truly inspire me and I LOVE YOU more than words could say. You are my everything and the reason I live and breathe. Without you I would be lost. I would love to be further inspired and truly appreciate the life we have. I want to give you (and me) back the creative part of me I’ve lost. If you will, I want to take you along on my journey of inspiration and discovery-in hopes that we will find a fuller life. Thank you for all that you have given me. I only hope I can give you more and more each day. I will keep giving until this life is over. When we meet eachother in eternity, we’ll take what we’ve learned, all the memories we’ve created, and present them before Heavenly Father. He will know we used the talents he gave us, and lived our lives for what they are- gifts from HIM. I love you with every waking breath, and even more when I am sleeping. I treasure all I have with you and wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. Please know that I am happy, that I’m only trying to increase the joy I already feel in life. I am yours Always and Forever.

-Your Wife

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