Rainywindow01_4801_thumbnail I woke up to the pitter patter of raindrops on my window this morning. I took a moment to stir and acknowlege nature’s alarm clock, only to turn over and be disturbed by my own. The rain left me with a lovely sense of peace. Rain means spring and spring means life anew. Today I write the first of many thoughts on this page. Today marks the beginning of a my new life.
For the past few years I have let that wonderful creative side of me drift away. Every bill, every dirty counter, every TV show, took a piece of me away. Today, I’m left with little more than the thoughts in my head, the flute gathering dust on the floor, the photographs stored on my computer and the untuned piano in the living room. My once trained drawing pencil produces crooked lines and the written word doesn’t flow quite so easily. I find myself sitting in a cubicle, an earpiece nearly glued to my head, watching my life pass me by. I am merely existing when I should be living.
So, today is my spring rain. Today marks the beginning of relocating myself-of finding what I’ve lost. Of cleasing out the bad to make room for the good- the new. What a privilege to have such an epiphany. The sun coaxes the plants from their long winter’s nap and brings color back into the world. May the sun find my seeds and help them grow and may you experience it with me.

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