28 Goals- May

To begin, I am going to publicly call myself out as a slacker for April. It was a crazy month, it flew by and part of it was spent in another state. However, these goals are important to me so I am going to refocus this month. Here's the state of the goals I've assigned myself so far:

I'm still working on reading (#7), slowly. I think I've changed this goal to reading as much as I can. What was I thinking when I said "100 books"?!

Exercise (#3) was killed by Easter weekend and illness. We are bringing it back tonight and then we're going to add Insanity to the mix in a couple weeks. I'm excited!

I've decided to call #13 "Sing full voiced more often" completed as I now sing all the time. Sometimes Zoe tells me, "Mom, I want to listen to music instead" when I sing a capella in the car...not sure how to take that.

Morning prayers (#19) are still a struggle-mostly because I always get up late. I REALLY need to work on both of those!

Potty training Zoe (#6) has begun, but I haven't been committed to it. Perhaps it's laziness on my part, or that our days fly by, or that I don't really know what I'm doing. I am not sure. If anyone knows of any good, short books on potty training for parents PLEASE share!

Water (#22) was becoming my drink of choice for a long time. I had given up soda and was drinking a lot of water every day. That has changed, but I plan to refocus on that starting today.

My poor flute (#12) remains untouched. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to tackle too much? (A topic for another post.)

My OCD (#4) seems to be getting more manageable. I have been working hard at letting things go, letting people help me. My biggest struggle is letting Zoe do things because she's not old enough to do a lot of them the "right way" and it's so frustrating. I know she needs to learn responsibility so I'm trying to keep at it, but it's truly difficult for me. I'll keep working on this...probably for the rest of my life.

My nervous habit (#28)- have I even told you what it is? I bite my cuticles when I'm bored, when I'm nervous, when they crack and sometimes for no reason at all. I have done it for as long as I can remember and it's always been something I hate about myself. I'm not even close to sure how to stop as I often find myself doing it without even thinking.

May Goals:

#8 Take more pictures than last year (especially of Paige). I think I'm going to try to start blogging more, thinking of switching homes for my blog and updating/ redoing. Along the same lines I want to start adding more pictures to my posts. I think doing that will help me take more pictures. Plus, miss Paige needs to be captured more.

#15 Take walks regularly. I want to do this as a family or at least with my girls to get some fresh air, give Zoe and myself some exercise and enjoy the beautiful weather we're FINALLY having!

# 20 Learn to be on time. People that know me well might laugh at this goal. I have been late to almost everything for as long as I can remember. It's embarrassing and I don't like it, but somehow it always happens. I think this will be a difficult goal to accomplish, but I think it will be extremely character building and satisfying when I do.

Feeling a little overwhelmed now. Breathe...

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