A Few Things

-First up, since I'm posting, you'll notice that I'm feeling better. This is thanks to a wonderful drug called Zofran. It is my friend.

-I'm starting to unwind the tornado that has become my house after weeks of not feeling well.

-Zoe is talking up a storm saying things like "I love you" (sounds more like "I lub ba" but still) "See you later" "delicious" and has started putting words together like "light on?" or "i hold you?" I am loving this stage of her life.

-Baby bump made it's debut really early this time around. I have a feeling I'll have people asking if I'm about to pop at 7 months. Not looking forward to that.

-I'm determined not to lose more muscle this pregnancy. Next week I'm going to start learning yoga via DVD. I'll let you know how that goes.

-My Mom gave me her guitar for Christmas, I am re-teaching myself to play. This time around I'm learning all the notes, though, not just the chords. It's exciting.

-This has made me regret not playing the flute and piano more. That is my next goal. First, I have to tune my piano. Anyone know someone who's good, but inexpensive in Utah County?

-On a final and funny note, Zoe is in the other room laughing like this: "hehehehehe!" While funny, she's supposed to be asleep. Gotta love teething.

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