Baby number 2 in the Equipoise family! I'm about 9.5 weeks along. We started out a bit rocky with some bleeding and a whole lot of taking it easy, but things seem to be progressing well now. I am a lot more sick with this one. Some speculate that this could mean a boy. I just hope for a healthy baby. I'm sorry for my long silence but, between this and other things that have been going on, I just didn't have much to say. We're praying that all goes well with this pregnancy and that August presents us with a happy, healthy little soul to bless our family. Not feeling well has made it difficult to do much more than what's required of me, but I promise to post more often. Thanks for sticking around!


First shot of our "big gummy bear" according to the Doc. :)

P.S. Funny little tidbit. Since it only took us 4 months this time the Doc said, "Hey, you're like a normal couple now!" I sure hope so.

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