19 Weeks

Well, I'm feeling pretty naive today.  I have never been pregnant before, obviously, and it seems that the doctor would like to think I have.  When we first went over the procedure for each appointment with our Doctor, it was mentioned that we would have our diagnostic ultrasound at 20 weeks.  Well, our appointment schedule was thrown off a bit because we had to go in a week early for our appointment last month because of the accident.  So, when we scheduled our 19 week appointment, we asked the receptionist if it mattered that we would be doing the diagnostic ultrasound a week early.  They said it should be fine. 
So, we get there today and our Doctor was at the hospital delivering a baby so the nurse had to do our appointment.  Come to find out, we have to schedule a separate appointment at the hospital to have the ultrasound done.  Now, I'm sure any of you who have been pregnant before knew that.  My mom so kindly explained after the fact that she could have told me that- not helpful.  It makes sense, and it was just a miscommunication...but I'm still frustrated and feel pretty stupid that I wasn't aware.  It could have been so easily avoided if my Doctor had taken 5 seconds to tell us.  Anyway, we are now scheduled for Friday.
Baby is now 15 cm long from crown to rump and weighs 8 ounces.  Baby's movements are starting to feel more like kicks than flutters and I love it.  Baby is busy developing reproductive organs.  It amazes me how much baby grows and develops each week.  I'll update on baby again after the ultrasound.

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